Anis Crofts

Family, Friends, Taxes and Tenants

JANUARY 2, 2013

From chicken coops to rock and roll, homemade bread to indian street food.

New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Boone, Asheville and all the stops along the way. Subways, gas stations, hotels, and rest areas; what isn't a blur will live with me forever and end up on my palette one way or another.   

All these people make me anxious to learn how to paint portraits.  I want to hold those gentle epic feelings forever. 

Will work for money!  Repairs to the apartments in Pittsburgh and Asheville.  Tax time for all my friends and clients.  The FIne Arts League is going full throttle with a new Director and my math skills sure come in handy to pay for all those frames!

It's nice to see all the hard work we have all done with The Fine Arts League over the past ten years finally paying off. Here is Christopher Holt with a group of kids during a community outreach project.

After a whirlwind tour of the east coast, I get rid of all my clothes and pack my suitcases full of frames custom made by my friend Mark for all the paintings that are waiting for me back home. On my way back to France I  stop in Amsterdam to see my favorite friend and relax in the not-so-normal sunshine of a Dutch spring afternoon.  

Ahhhh France! Je t'aime! Spring is in full swing and I cant wait to get back to painting. Colors are everywhere.