Anis Crofts

Making Panels

DECEMBER 29, 2012

Every part of the painting process is important; the subject, the materials, the intention.  All are part of the experience.  The connection that is made with your materials can be almost as important as the connection made with your subject.  Like the pregnancy stage before the birth everything matters and will affect the outcome.  I employ techniques taught to me by Benjamin Long, who uses techniques taught to him by Pietro Annigoni.  I use birch panels, Belgian linen, rabbit skin glue and lead white.  Each step taken with careful attention and consideration.

Tinting the panels with a thin layer of different umbers and sienna.  

Viola! and then I let them dry in the glorious, life giving french sun while I sit on the terrace and have a glass of wine and ponder upon whether each panel already has a destiny, a painting it will become. Its as if their life has already begun and I am only along for the ride.