Anis Crofts

Atelier Uzes, France

JANUARY 2, 2013

For the summer of 2011, I shared an Atelier in Uzes, France with Francios Lewandrowski. It was a beautiful space on the Rue Paul Foussat, in the heart of the Old Village of Uzes.  

It was an engaging mix, he being an abstract painter reminiscent of Nicolas de Stael, my fathers work, Ian Crofts (, which is abstract realism and my work which is more traditional.  

It was next to the restaurant, Le Logis des Arts, and was open to the public.  Francios had one room to work in and I the other. Vaulted ceilings, huge windows with east light, and delicious food and rose in the next room.  

It forced me to speak french, since no one spoke english and I did a number of drawings and paintings there I really like, including a series of portraits of a dancer named Juliette.