Anis Crofts

Lucignano, Italy with Ben Long

JANUARY 2, 2013

After driving up the mediterranean coast with Sheri Kahn, from The Fine Arts League of the Carolinas, we found our selves in the small medival village of Lucignano where Ben Long and Christopher Holt were painting the countryside and preparing for a fresco.

Trips to Sienna to see fresco, and Florence to see Pontormo at the Santa Felicita...

and the Home of Annigoni....

A group of students and friends of The Fine Arts League came over to draw, paint, and explore.

And I finally got to visit the Museum that Richard Fremantle created in honor of International Artists who come and visit and paint in the haven that is Tuscany.  The Fondazione Fremantle per Artisti Stranieri en Toscana is located on the impressive estate of at Villa Bosco di Fontelucente in Fiesole.  

He has an incredible collection of contemporary and traditional art, all focused on international artists that visit and create art in Tuscany. Seen here is one by Ben Long, featuring a young Richard.