Anis Crofts

Transition, Translation........

JANUARY 2, 2013

What a gift I have been given, France.....

Au Revoir, pour l'instant.....I leave, more in love than ever, with my arms full of newness and my eyes more open. 

now begins travel, transition and bringing it all together finally.  

Mon cheri, a bientot au printemps.

AHHH Scotland!!!  Even beautiful in the rain....everything about this place is familiar to my veins.  Everyone I meet is like a dream I had once.   

Hospitals, game shows, and tea......i cherish it all.  Getting to know my relatives is like getting to know myself, like my parallel lives. The new ones, the old ones, the ones that watch, the ones that listen.

I always wanted it to happen to me at the same time as it was happening to everyone else. I think it finally is......

with a little help from the Breakey boys.....

The Glasgow Boys

an 82 year old adventurer named Frances Walker,

and an old pal or two.

Funny thing is, I havent even unpacked yet.